Powered by Marine Biotechnology, the Illumare Prestige Collection, including our rice powder cleanser with plant extracts, brings you richness from the depths of the ocean to revitalize and brighten your skin.

Off the coast of Brittany, France, Meredora scientists discovered a fascinating species of sea fennel and algae that when mixed with other powerful plant, marine and botanical extracts, becomes a natural, biologically potent illuminator and dark spot eraser.

This scientifically advanced Collection, including our rice powder cleanser supports reduction of hyperpigmentation disorders, inhibits melanin synthesis, boosts skin radiance and prevents trans-epidermal water loss, bringing about superior, unmatched water circulation and hydration in skin. This is done naturally, without any harmful chemicals.

It is the essence of the sea and plant extracts captured in a bottle for healthy, youthful illumination. Enjoy the rich indulgence of the formulas, like our rice powder cleanser with gentle powder to foam cleansing technology. The novel and pampering textures, the light marine fragrance and most importantly, the beneficial skin results that lasts beyond the moment. Our inspired formulations with plant extracts will leave you with results that make a real difference.