We are founded by Women, for Women

Our women’s cosmetics company was founded by women, for women. We are a beauty brand that gives back because, as women, we want to create a beautiful, boundless movement for every woman, at every stage of womanhood. No matter where she is on her journey, we see her, walk alongside her, and empower her to create her healthiest, happiest, fullest life.

We live up to our name–– Mèredora means adored mother
We are inspired by Mother Earth, Mothers, and Women around the world. Akin to our products and services, the name for our women’s cosmetics company is a synergistic blend that’s authentically rooted in the female multi-diversity because mère means mother in French and adora means adore in Spanish.

We advocate and amplify all things woman
Our women’s cosmetics company gives back to, advocates for, and amplifies all things woman. Through the Mèredora Foundation our beauty brand gives back by supporting and celebrating women, mothers, and their loved ones at critical touch points. This allows them to journey through womanhood and motherhood in better physical, emotional, mental and financial health. By using our investments and our voices, we will fearlessly love, educate, uplift, and overcome the barriers burdening women around the world so they never have to suffer silently and alone again.