At Mèredora, we care deeply about creating a safe, conducive and nurturing environment that we would want to work in. Our employees are empowered to act with integrity, perform their best and feel fulfilled in their work. We live by the following principles:

Always be Celebrating
At Mèredora, our business is centered on celebrating our people, our customers and our stakeholders.

Committed to Nurturing
We are a PEOPLE first company. We pride ourselves with the ability to act with empathy. Our passion is in helping to lift our people and our customers. We treat them with respect and mentor them with knowledge, skills, and resources to grow and thrive to be better.

A Pioneering Spirit
We don’t just accept change but push ourselves to innovate and explore the best way, processes, best in class practices for our business, our people, our customers and the environment.

Act with Integrity
We hold ourselves to the highest standard of integrity, transparency, and honesty.

Embrace Accountability
We strive to build a culture of trust and accept responsibility for our actions.

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