Proof not Promises
We believe that life is best in harmony when you mix and match and leverage the best of everything. That’s why we believe in using effective dose levels of performance ingredients that could be all natural or highly scientific or a blend of both. We search the globe for ingredients to develop formulation that are effective treatments for the concerns we have. This means not blindly pursuing what is new and trendy or making unvalidated claims on products that have not been rigorously tested. We want solutions that work.

Extensive and Rigorous Testing
Our products are subject to dermatological, clinical and consumer testing. Formula efficacy, safety, broad spectrum microbiology, heat, cold, light and container stability and compatibility testing are done amongst other tests, before any product is released. We believe in putting safe and quality products out there that we can stand behind and not compromise our standards. This means it might take longer and costs more for us to launch products. Still, we believe it’s the best way to ensure our products are safe for use and deliver maximum results and benefits to the customers we love.

We are also cruelty-free and only test on humans.