We’re founded by women, for all of womanhood.

What started with a conversation about forming a charity between three women has grown into a beautiful, boundless, mission-driven movement for every woman, at every stage of womanhood.

At the center of Mèredora is a servant’s heart that beats for women.

We invest in their well-being by creating high performing, clinically tested products that are proven to work. We communicate these benefits with integrity, transparency and informed support.

We commit to important causes that support them through life challenges face in womanhood and motherhood, particularly the ones that are hushed by society so that they can live a life without compromise, shame, stigma, or anything taboo about being a woman.

Through our sister companies- Club Mèredora and Mèredora Foundation, we offer community support services so women and their loved ones can live a fuller and more enriched life.